Meaningful Conversations; Exploring Personal Filters and Cultural Norms


Speaker: Kari Heistad, founder and CEO, Culture Coach International

Topic: Culture

Location: Foxborough, MA

Thursday, October 11, 2018

More information coming soon!


Kari Heistad, founder and CEO, Culture Coach focuses on helping organizations to solve the teamwork issues that arise from diverse and multicultural teams. Intent upon helping companies to understand the bottom line impact of cultural and diversity issues, the work of CCI is both practical and strategic in nature.

In her work, Kari draws upon her travels and experiences living and working overseas to help clients understand the impact that culture has upon business interactions.  She has worked across a wide variety of industries and she has served as a media resource for outlet such as NEHRA, Boston Business Journal and the Wall Street Journal.  She has turned her years of experience into a wide range of diversity products to help managers and teams drive cultural change including eight Pocket Guides on topics such as Working on Diverse/Global Teams and Leading and Managing Diverse Teams and her team meeting Team Sparks cards.

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